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Daily filling and cleaning routine 

The canisters are designed to be filled either in situ or by removing them prior to 
filling. If filled in situ, they must be removed periodically to clear any spillage fi-om 
the ingredient shelf. 

It is recommended that after refilling the canisters an automatic flush is performed to 
clear any ingredient that may have entered the mixing bowls. This is done by inserting 
the yellow service key into the door switch and then pressing the button on the inside 
of the door marked "Flushing". 

Replacing syrup containers 

The syrup containers should ideally be replaced before the are completely empty. 
However this is not always possible, in which case the symp pump may need to be 

Priming the syrup pumps 

With the replacement syrup canister fitted, insert the service key, press the program 
button once, the display should read "complete sel". using the + or - button on the 
selection panel, scroll through the menu until "Powder Only" is displayed. The s)n-up 
pump can now be primed by pressing the relevant sjrup selection, repeatedly if 

Taking Sales reading from the machine 

1 . Open door 

2. Insert yellow service key 

3. Press Program button, wait for bleep and press a second time wait for second bleep, 
display should read Present fault. 

4. Including the sugar button, press the fourth selection button on the left (decaff 
black). Display should read "Statistics" 

5. Pressing the "minus" button on the selection panel will display the data for each 

Note: The data will be displayed by selection starting with selection one. The 
following symbols will be used, P for Pay vends, T for test vends and G for free 
vends. If you accidentally scroll past a figure, use the "Sugar" button to scroll to the 
present fault display and repeat step four onwards. 

If you want to you can scroll through the various statistics menu by using the "Sugar" 
button. Statistics 4 will display the total cash sales. 

Spring machine 

Price setting 

1 . Open door 

2. Pull out top service switch and wait, display should read "Ml Statistics" 

3. Press the "C" button, display should read "Set Price" 

4. Press "E" display should read "Set Global". 

5. If you want to you can now set the machine to one price by pressing "E" followed 
by the selling price and "E" again to confirm that price. If not, after point four go to 
point 6. 

6. Press "O" display should read set single. Press "E" to confirm, display should read 
Pr Full 11. 

7. You can now key in the selection number of the price to be changed followed be 
"E" to confirm, followed by the new selling price and "E" to confirm. 

8. Repeat "7" for the next selection. 

Taking Statistical data via a Printer 

The sales data can be obtained using a printer available from R. S Components, 
telephone number for enquiries is 01536201234. 

Description Stock Code 1 off 2 off or more 

1. Hand held impact printer 244-632 £142.08 £134.98 

2. Charger /Power adapter 244-654 £12.83 £12.19 

3. 10 Printer ribbons 251-6844 £29.00 £27.95 

4. 20 Printer rolls 251-6850 £21.50 £20.43 

5. Printer lead 202-650 £13.56 £12.88 

I would suggest the above prices are confirmed with RS Components prior to 

Would you note that your initial point of contact regarding service matters is with 
Sodexho vending. However, should you have any further queries regarding the above 
please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Yours sincerely 

Ansell Harrison 
Technical Sales Manager